Meet The Team

Jacob Walter
Matthew Firth
Alex Gunther
Brody Pride
Meet the team that will take your business to the next level.

Jacob Walter

CEO and Co-Founder

Jacob is a highly qualified individual who has owned and operated multiple highly successful businesses. His first one dating back to when he was only 13 years old. Jacob has the drive and passion to take your business to the next level with proven digital strategy.

Matthew Firth

CMO and Co-Founder

Matthew is a highly creative and unique individual, with experience creating and successfully operating various businesses. Matthew has a passion for design and creativity which leads him to being an expert in marketing for all businesses.

Alex Gunther

COO/Director of Operations

Alex has incredible experience in the business industry, owning and operating two businesses that he has started or helped start including SocialSquared. He has a passion for learning new material including that of marketing. He loves the idea of being able to grow a business and help other business entirely online.

Brody Pride

Sales Director

Brody has been in the field of sales and marketing since he was 14 years old. Brody is a hard working and down to earth person and loves to chat about all things marketing and ways in which we can help grow your business.

SocialSquared gets results.

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Our Core Values

Our values at Social Squared aren’t only important to us but instead, actually prove to you how we can work to deliver you the best looking project and the best results you didn’t even know were possible.


We do marketing because we love to advertise your business and make it look the most attractive it can be. Working day and night to ensure we make the best product for you.

Communication is Key

Communication is something we understand is crucial to the success of a project and moreover, your business. We use a variety of programs that are free to you so that communication is quick, clear and effective. All so we can work harder and smarter for you.

Nothing Too Hard

At SocialSquared, we know enough about marketing to know we will always need to continue learning. Nothing you need done is too hard for us as we have a team of professionals that have marketing education from the best schools in Canada.

We Love to Work for You

We believe in servicing your business the best we possibly can. This means working around the clock to ensure your project is completed as fast as possible with nothing but the highest quality.


We care about what you have to say before, during and after working with you. We promise you that our genuine interest in your business will shine through and that you will be satisfied with what you receive!