February 22, 2020 | Alex Gunther

How to Finish a Project Like a Boss

How Giving an Extra Look Can Increase Your Profits

You’ve just finished your first, second or maybe your 100th project for a client that you loved working with.


What if I told you that it didn’t have to be the end and that you could continue working with this client and have them continue to pay you?

 This is what we call ‘After-Project Processes’ or in plain English, the work we do with the client
after the main project has been finished. 

While the process changes slightly, these thoughts and procedures can be applied to almost any type of business including services, e-commerce, products, etc.


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Here's the Secret Tip...

After your work is done, you need to figure out how or when that client will run into a wall and need further services done. For example, when we finish the bulk of the work on a clients website or Social Media, we understand that the work and maintenance is far from over. That website needs someone to manually update plugins, update SEO, ensure the site security is constantly watched. 

All this to say, the work is far from done even after you’re done the main, paid for project.

Write, Maintain, Complete

Present these jobs/tasks to your client and make them aware of what each task means and how important it really is to their business. If all of the tasks are presented properly and the client was happy with the work initially done, you should have no problem bringing them on to a monthly maintenance contract.

Pro Tip: After committing to a monthly maintenance contract, ensure that you write down every single tiny detail of things that you fix or change because a lot of this work is back-end that your client won’t always see. You need to work based on client-trust because when you lose that, you lose a valuable customer.