February 22, 2020 | Matthew Firth

How to Grow Your Social Media Following in 2020.

How Can I Grow My Social Media Pages Quickly?

Were you having trouble growing your social media pages in 2019?

Well look no further, as this is going to be a simple guide for you to grow your social media pages and get those interactions.

Before we get started, this is a general guide and can be used for any niche your business may have, however, it is much easier to get a digital marketing agency to take the time and grow your business for you. To figure out the best Digital Marketing Agency for you, click here 

Let’s get started.


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increase social media followers

1. Influencer Marketing

Now you may have heard of this term before, but do you really know what it means? Influencer marketing allows for popular pages to promote your page and gets your page exposure on a much larger level. However, not everyone uses influencers to their fullest extent. Have you ever paid for an influencer and gotten little to know results. Have you ever wondered, how to get the right influencer for my brand? 

Well it is kind of time consuming. First you must find high following pages in your niche, and then contact them and see what they charge to be promoted either on their social media page, or their social media stories. Either way this can be an expensive and time consuming task and is more often left to the professionals.

increase social media followers

2. Scheduled Posting

Having a great brand and amazing product is great and all but how are people going to know about it, if you don’t post about it? Furthermore, how are people going to know or what to know about this amazing product if you don’t constantly tell people about it? 

That’s right. They wont Having a schedule that you stick to as a brand about posting on social media is crucial, as this gives a reason for a random person to follow you. Even if what you are posting isn’t the greatest piece of content in the world, it’s something to tell people you aren’t a dead page. 

Having a schedule is nice as well as it gives you more organization as a brand and makes your audience trusts you, this is going to be huge going into 2020.

increase social media followers

3. Hashtag Research

Okay, okay, we get it, you use hashtags. But are you using them properly? That’s right, you have to have a strategic hashtag strategy in 2020 to get noticed by random users that are interested in your page and product. So how do you find the right hashtags for your brand? Well like influencer marketing, that will take some time, you have to first identify what you want your brand to stand for and find hashtags related to that. 

Find hashtags that are so “Watered down” and overly saturated with random posts. Find hashtags that have activity but not too much. Then once you have found one golden hashtag, don’t stop there, look what other people are using that hashtag and use that too or at least look into that. 

As chances are that will be your competition and its crucial to always keep your hashtags up to date. This will take monthly maintenance and once again is better left to professionals.

increase social media followers

You're All Set!

Okay so there it is, 3 easy steps to get your social media page growing in 2020. If you need a professionals help, please visit the site, as this is home to professionals that can and will take care of you and your business as if it is their own.