February 23, 2020 | Alex Gunther

Top 3 Ways to Win Clients Trust and Business

How Do I Build a Re-pour with a Client?

You’re a small business and we love that. Every business needs to start right at the bottom to learn the pillars of running and owning a business. 

Even though every business needs to start at the bottom, Social Squared is here to help you as best we can to rocket off into the big leagues with a few small tips about CLIENT HAPPINESS AND TRUST! 

Lets hit this off with the NUMBER 1 thing you should be doing as a small business to ensure your clients are as happy as they can be when you finish a project, contract, job, etc for them!


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Step One: Instant Communication

When we talk about instant communication, we mean INSTANT! The number one attribute a client loves to see is a responsive contractor. When you receive a message via any of the platforms you communicate over, you need to be responsive and take action immediately by responding with answers to any questions they might have. If you are business with another clients project, responding is just as crucial! Just take 15 seconds to reply with a simple answer such as:

“Let me get back to you regarding X, Y and Z. I will ensure you receive a full response by the
end of the day!”

More than anything, a paying client likes to hear that you are online, active and paying attention to their

Step Two: Get on it, As Fast As Possible

Once you have clearly communicated what you will be doing for your client, get on it as soon as you possibly can! I know one thing for sure and that’s that a client loves nothing more than seeing changes made to their project within minutes of asking for those same changes to be made. This shows commitment, it shows you know what you are doing and more than anything else, it shows you care about the client!

Step Three: Don't Lie About Problems or Errors

Besides communication and action, what Social Squared has found is the fact that clients (and anyone for that matter) love honesty within their projects. If you should ever run into an issue, error, bug, problem, etc with their project, you try your best to fix it, Google it, ask a friend that you can trust. After all of your immediate solutions have been exhausted and if you still don’t have a fix, you tell your client something like this:

“I have run into a small issue with ‘Project X’ that seems to be taking more time than expected, I apologize for this but I am working hard to ensure it is fixed and we can move forward as soon as possible!”

Obviously, what happens after you send that message is you work as many hours as you need to to
make sure that gets fixed AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!